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“Supercharged Cupric Ions”


  • CERTIFICATION & REGISTRATION: NSF Certified to ANSI 60. Registered US EPA as an Algicide/Bactericide for use in Municipal Water Treatment Plants, Source Waters, Pipelines, Canals, Rivers & Streams, Lagoons and Reservoirs, Agriculture, Open Waters, Lakes, Swimming Pools & Spas.
  • ACTIVE INGREDIENT: 5% Copper by weight (99.99% Cupric Ion Form) Proprietary Hydrated-Acifified Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate, copper stays in water/solution in the Copper 2-Cupric Ion form and does not settle out.
  • SELF DISPERSING: Product self-disperses evenly in water without mixing or agitating.
  • PH LEVEL: Product does not exceed a pH of 0.5, and will not burn / harm skin.
  • PRECIPITATION: The copper stays in the Copper 2 – Cupric Ion (CU++) form and will not precipitate out of solution within target water pH range of 6.5 to 9.0, but remains fully dissolved indefinitely until it meets bio-demand.
  • REDUCE TOC, REDUCE DBPs: Allows for reducing free chlorine in pretreatment.
  • REDUCE TASTE & ODOR: The product often reduces taste and odor compounds such as Geosmin, and MIB, allowing reduction in use of activated carbon.
  • SAVE MONEY – ENHANCE COAGULATION: Product aids in coagulation with Alum and Ferric often allowing reduction of coagulants and caustic by 30% or more.
  • SAFE FOR HUMANS, FISH, WILDLIFE AND PLANTS: Product is environmentally friendly and not harmful to humans, fish, flora and fauna. Contact with treated water is non-toxic when used as directed.
  • SHELF LIFE: The shelf-life of product is a minimum of 5 years without exposures to freezing temperatures, no settling/precipitation of Copper.
  • PACKAGE LABELING: Product packaging has the appropriate EPA Signal Word “WARNING” and shows rated as EPA Toxicity Category II.
  • LOT NUMBERS: All containers are properly EPA labeled with production lot numbers.
  • EYE DAMAGE EPA STATEMENT: Product does not cause irreversible eye damage under the EPA Precautionary Statements’ section of the label.
  • INSURED: Product Manufacturer carries $1,000,000 product liability insurance policy.
  • DELIVERY & SUPPORT: Product deliverable in 275 gallon totes or 4,500 gallon bulk tanker delivery within 7-10 days, with product-trained support personnel available 24/7 including weekends & holidays in case of urgency.